Tender 69

Tender date: 9 Jun 2021 | Bids close: 11:00am | Results: From 11.05am | Settlement Date: 9 Jun 2021

LGFA Bills Issued
Bills Offered08 Sep 202108 Dec 2021
Total Amount Offered ($million)2525
Total Amount Allocated ($million)2525
Total Number of Bids Received46
Total Amount of Bids Received ($million)7069
Total Number of Successful Bids11
Highest Yield Accepted (%)0.3100.315
Lowest Yield Accepted (%)0.3100.315
Highest Yield Rejected (%)0.3300.365
Lowest Yield Rejected (%)0.3200.340
Weighted Average Accepted Yield (%)0.31000.3150
Weighted Average Rejected Yield (%)0.32440.3530
Amount Allotted at Highest Accepted Yield as Percentage of Amount Bid at that Yield*100.0100.0
Coverage Ratio2.80002.7600

Bill Tender History

The LGFA publishes an MS Excel file containing the historical data for LGFA bill tenders. The MS Excel file is updated shortly after publication of the results of the latest tender

LGFA Bill Tender History as at Tender 70