Sustainability at LGFA

Responsible action is a prerequisite for long-term value creation and to enable LGFA to live up to its vision.

LGFA is to be an exceptional example for local government financial management. We finance the development and investments of the New Zealand local and regional sectors for a good and sustainable society.

LGFA was established with the primary objective of optimising the debt financing terms and conditions for our member councils. Key to achieving this objective is that we conduct our affairs in accordance with sound business practice, while having regard to the interests of the community and by exhibiting a sense of social and environmental responsibility, as well as being a good employer.

Long-term relationships with LGFA stakeholders, a low-risk appetite and cost consciousness are the cornerstones of LGFA’s culture, which lay the foundation for our business to be conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

One of the eight organisational objectives outlined in our Statement of Intent (SOI) is:

Improve sustainability outcomes within LGFA and assist the local government sector in achieving their sustainability and climate change objectives.

The Local Government Act 2002 also places a legal imperative on adopting a “sustainability approach”, accordingly LGFA’s sustainability policy recognises that all four well-beings – social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being must be considered and integrated when thinking about sustainability.