A principal objective of the New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) is to demonstrate social, economic, environmental and cultural responsibility.

LGFA was established with the primary objective of optimising the debt financing terms and conditions for our member councils. Key to achieving this objective is that we conduct our affairs in accordance with sound business practice, while having regard to the interests of the community and by exhibiting a sense of social and environmental responsibility, as well as being a good employer.

It comes naturally for LGFA to take voluntary responsibility for how the business affects society from a financial, environmental and social perspective. This also means that LGFA, through its activities, will seek to support the sustainable development work which is conducted by its member councils. LGFA shall endeavour to offer services and products which meet its member councils’ needs in this regard. For example, LGFA can offer products and services which highlight councils’ efforts and contribute to developing the work.

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