Our purpose and values

Our purpose
Ta tatou kaupapa

Benefiting local communities through delivering efficient financing for local government.
Ka whiwhi painga ngā hapori mā te whakarato pūtea tōtika ki ngā kaunihera.

Our values
Ō mātau uara

We act with integrity
E pono ana mātau

We are honest, transparent and are committed to doing what is best for our customers and our company.

We are customer focused
E arotahi ana mātau ki te kiritaki

Our customers are our council borrowers, investors, and all other organisations that we deal with. We listen to them and act in their best interests to deliver results that make a positive difference

We strive for excellence
E whakapau kaha mātau kia hiranga te mahi

We strive to excel by delivering financial products and services that are highly valued at least cost while seeking continuous improvement in everything we do.

We provide leadership
He kaiārahi mātau

We are here for our stakeholders in being strategically minded, providing resilience and executing our strategy. We embrace a high-performance culture and can be relied upon to deliver results.

We are innovative
He auaha mātau

To meet our ever-changing customer requirements, we will encourage innovation and provide a diverse range of financial products and services.