LGFA is pleased to announce the launch of its Green, Social & Sustainability Lending Programme for council and council controlled organisations (CCO) members. LGFA recognises the risks inherent in climate change for both New Zealand and local Councils and CCOs, and wishes to support New Zealand’s shift to a low-carbon economy. LGFA also recognises it has a role to play in New Zealand’s contribution to meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and helping its member councils and CCOs to build a stronger and more resilient society. 

To help achieve these goals, LGFA will offer funding to Councils and CCOs to enable them to undertake green, social and/or sustainability (GSS) projects that will help drive forward ambitious climate, environmental and social projects in the New Zealand local government sector (GSS Loans).  The GSS Loans will be documented as debt securities under LGFA's existing Multi-Issuer Deed,

For more information please visit the new Sustainability section of the LGFA website: https://www.lgfa.co.nz/sustainability

If you have any questions please contact Nick Howell (Head of Sustainability) on +64 21 227 3738.