NZX Announcement
28 March 2024

LGFA cancels 3 April 2024 tender and considers bond offers          

New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency Limited (LGFA) has decided to cancel the tender that is scheduled to occur on 3 April 2024. 

LGFA is considering, subject to market conditions, making one or more offers of unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds (Bonds), to institutional and New Zealand retail investors during April 2024.  

If LGFA offers any Bonds, full details of the proposed offer(s) and the Bonds will be released at the relevant time, subject to market conditions. 

No money is currently being sought and applications for the Bonds cannot currently be made.  If LGFA offers any Bonds, each offer will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as an offer of debt securities of the same class as existing quoted debt securities. 


For all investor relations and media queries, please contact:
Mark Butcher, Chief Executive / 04 974 6744