Respect for human rights is a prerequisite in LGFA for long-term value creation.

LGFA shall avoid causing or contributing to a negative impact on human rights in its own operations, as well as rectifying such impact if it arises. LGFA shall work to combat discrimination and promote diversity and equality and safeguard good working conditions. LGFA supports employees to be able to balance work and their private lives. Our Remuneration Policy ensures a fair and transparent approach to how we reward our staff for their contribution to the organisation.

LGFA shall have good knowledge regarding, and good control over, compliance with all applicable statutes and agreements. This applies to anti-discrimination legislation, environmental legislation, legislation related to public companies and legislation concerning business relationships. No form of discrimination is tolerated within LGFA. The fundamental values expressed in LGFA’s Code of Ethics shall also characterize LGFA’s relationships with its stakeholders and suppliers.

Through local cooperation with council members who express clear societal engagement and share LGFA’s values, LGFA can express its social responsibility at the local level. The goal of local cooperation is to strengthen LGFA’s opportunities for recruitment, to highlight LGFA’s presence in the local community, and to strengthen LGFA’s employer brand.