LGFA takes into consideration financial sustainability in its entire business, both with respect to the direct and indirect impacts. 

It comes naturally for LGFA to take voluntary responsibility for how the business affects society from a financial, environmental and social perspective. This also means that LGFA, through its activities, shall seek to support the sustainable development work which is conducted by its council members. LGFA shall endeavour to offer services and products which meet its member councils’ needs in this regard. For example, LGFA can offer products and services which highlight councils’ efforts and contribute to developing the work. 

LGFA and its employees shall comply with any statutes, regulations and provisions which apply to the business and always act ethically, with transparency, integrity, and honesty. LGFA has a zero tolerance for all types of corruption. No employee may give or receive benefits which may be considered as improper. LGFA’s employees shall avoid all existing and conceivable situations which may result in conflicts of interest. 

In addition, LGFA strives towards supporting the NZX and the development of the New Zealand capital markets as the largest issuer of retail bonds in New Zealand providing retail investors with the ability to fund sustainable projects within local government through our current vanilla bond programme. Due to our issuance volumes, and being a financing conduit for public sector entities, we take a market leading position on ethical behaviour.